Biden could not figure out the new law and puzzled the experts

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Statements of the US President Joe Biden concerning the new law on early voting in the state of Georgia puzzled the experts, writes The Washington Post on March, 30th. The innovation regulates the exact time of work of polling stations – from 09 am to 5 pm.

On March 25th, at a press conference, the American leader called the initiative anti-American because the polling stations would close at 5 PM, the close time of the working day, which, in his opinion, would not allow many citizens to have time to vote.

The next day, Biden repeated his criticism of the new law, saying it was passed by Republicans “to prevent workers from being able to cast their ballots after their shift ends.”

For his part, election expert Charles Stewart, speaking to The Washington Post, denied the president’s accusations, stressing that the innovation would only affect the days when early voting was in effect and that polling places would remain open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Besides, the expert thinks that the new law will expand but not limit opportunities for voters. In particular, according to the new rules, one day of early voting will now obligatory be a weekend – Saturday.

The expert suggested that Biden could have been referring to one of the 25 working versions of the bill and not get the final version of the document.

It became known on March 8 that the Senate of the U.S. state of Georgia approved a major reform of the electoral system. The state Senate and House of Representatives are controlled by Republicans.