Biden couldn’t pronounce the name of the Omicron strain in his address to the nation

U.S. President Joe Biden tried several times in his address to the nation to correctly name the new coronavirus strain “Omicron,” but all the time something else came up. Most often Biden called the strain “Omnicron,” but there was also a variant called “Omnicrom”.

Another recent bizarre remark by Biden concerned the Beijing Olympics. When a White House pool reporter asked if the U.S. was going to announce a diplomatic boycott of the PRC by forbidding the country’s delegation to attend the sporting event, Biden responded by calling himself a delegation.

In July, users of the Network laughed at the mistake of the U.S. President during a speech in Pennsylvania. Then the American head of state confused the two former American leaders, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, saying that it was a “Freudian slip.”

Also in July, Joe Biden sent a congratulatory telegram to Montenegrin President Milo Dukanovic, mistaking him for Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic. Biden congratulated Djukanovic on Montenegrin Statehood Day, which is July 13, and on the fourth anniversary of the country’s membership in NATO.