Biden decides to announce U.S. plans to halve greenhouse gas emissions

On the eve of the climate summit the President of the USA Joe Biden is going to announce the plans of the country by 2030 to reduce almost twice greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. It was reported on Tuesday, April 20, newspaper The New York Times, citing sources in the administration of the American leader.

According to the newspaper, Biden will announce that the United States wants to achieve a 50% reduction. At the same time, according to its commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate, the U.S. side should reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions by 28% compared with the amount that was recorded in 2005.

The White House hopes that these plans will encourage other countries to make new climate protection commitments during the upcoming summit.

The U.S. returned to the Paris Agreement with the arrival of Biden in the White House. His nominee as special climate envoy, John Kerry, had already noted that Washington expects other countries, including China and Russia, to take new steps to combat global warming.

The international summit on climate change will take place on April 22-23, and 40 world leaders have been invited. On Monday, the Kremlin press service reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in it.