Biden declares state of emergency in Oklahoma due to snowfall

U.S. President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in connection with the snowfall in the state of Oklahoma, this regime had previously been declared in the most affected by the weather in the state of Texas. This is stated on February 24 in the message on the website of the White House.

It is noticed that declaration of the state of emergency allows allocating the federal help for rendering support in restoration at a state, local level and to the districts damaged by strong snowstorms from February 8 to February 20.

A total of 16 of the state’s 77 counties are eligible for federal assistance. Funds may be available for temporary housing and home repairs, loans to cover uninsured property and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the elements.

On Feb. 16, a snowstorm that hit 25 states in the Midwest as well as the southern United States left more than 3 million people without power.

On February 14, Biden, at the request of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, declared the state of emergency throughout the state at the federal level.

According to the latest data, the victims of bad weather have already become almost 50 people, some of them died from hypothermia, some – from carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to get warm.

Texas has become one of the most affected states: the weather has led to difficulties with water and electricity cuts, suspension of work of refineries and other enterprises.