Biden interrupted the speech and made sure the children had ice cream

President of the United States Joe Biden interrupted his speech during a speech in Oklahoma to make sure that two little girls got ice cream. This was reported Tuesday, June 1, by The Hill.

Thus, during his speech, the American leader paused for a short conversation with two little girls in the audience to make sure that the listeners had ice cream.

“I just had to make sure the two girls got ice cream when it was over,” Biden addressed the audience.

He added that the children should be thrilled with the president’s speech.

Joe Biden visited Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the 100th anniversary of the 1921 massacre in which 300 blacks died and their businesses were burned to the ground. The U.S. president also unveiled a plan for racial equality in the country.

The day before, on June 1, Fox News website users commented in a humorous tone on Joe Biden’s attempt to “speak tough” to Russian President Vladimir Putin, not believing in the American head’s ability to warn his Russian counterpart, much less threaten him.

“I think this talk about China and Russia is supposed to make me think Biden is a tough guy. But it didn’t work. And it won’t work with China and Russia,” writes one of the site’s users.