Biden mistook Chicago’s female mayor for a man

U.S. President Joe Biden referred to Chicago’s female mayor, Lori Lightfoot, as “Mr.” during his speech in Illinois. An excerpt of the curiosity was posted by Web users on Twitter.

“Wait, did Biden just address Lori Lightfoot as “Mr. Mayor”? Did I miss something?” – Kate Hyde wrote.

A user nicknamed MF, for his part, joked about how “the theater, as represented by the president of the United States, never stops.”

In doing so, commentators also drew attention to the moment when Biden became confused in a question to Illinois Senate President Don Harmon. Thus, the U.S. leader began confusingly talking about Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“And Ohio Pennsylvania, Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania, president of Illinois,” Biden said.

Some Web users called such reservations by the American leader not only bizarre, but scary.

Earlier, on September 21, Biden confused the U.S. and the United Nations while speaking at the United Nations General Assembly. The American leader confused states in the name of the United States (United States of America) and nations in the name of the United Nations (United Nations).