Biden predicted the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the United States

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U.S. President Joe Biden said Monday, January 25, during a speech at the White House that the total number of deaths from the coronavirus infection in the country is projected to exceed 600,000 before the situation begins to improve. A video of the speech was posted on the White House Twitter account.

“There will be more (deaths) … We are projected to see somewhere between 600,000 and 660,000 deaths in total before we get past the most difficult stage and (the situation) starts to improve dramatically,” the American leader said.

Earlier, on January 24, it became known that Biden intends to limit entry into the country for foreign nationals who have recently been in South Africa to curb the spread of the new strain of coronavirus. It is noted that these measures will take effect on Saturday, January 30.

In addition, the U.S. leader canceled from January 25 permission issued by his predecessor, Donald Trump, to enter almost all non-U.S. travelers who had visited the day before in Brazil, Britain, Ireland and 26 other countries in Europe.

On Jan. 21, Biden warned that the COVID-19 situation in the states would continue to worsen before things got better. According to him, by the end of winter the total number of victims of coronavirus infection among Americans could exceed 500 thousand people.

On January 20, the White House said that fighting the coronavirus pandemic is one of Biden’s priorities as president, but how and in what way was not announced.