Biden said he is ready to raise taxes for the rich

The candidate for the post of the president of the USA Joe Biden stated that in case of election to the post of the head of the state he will raise taxes for the Americans who get more than $400 thousand a year. He told about it in his interview to ABC TV channel published on Monday, August 24.

At the same time, Biden noted that the tax increase will not affect the citizens who receive less than the mentioned amount.

“Why? Because it’s time for them to start paying their share of the economic duties that we have. I don’t punish anybody. The rich should pay their fair share, corporations should pay their share,” Biden said.

According to the politician, imposing higher taxes on enterprises that earn “huge” amounts is a “reasonable” step.

Earlier in his speech at the Congress of Democrats, Biden promised that in case of his victory, the U.S. will overcome the “era of darkness” and also said that the country is ready to eradicate systemic racism.