Biden says pandemic spreads among unvaccinated Americans

A coronavirus pandemic is spreading among those who have not been vaccinated, U.S. President Joe Biden said.

“It’s simple: we have a pandemic among those who are unvaccinated. It’s as simple as that,” Biden said during an interaction with citizens hosted by CNN.

He emphasized that if a person is vaccinated, he or she will not be hospitalized and will not die.

According to the American leader, among the 10,000 people who have died of COVID-19 recently, 9,950 have not been vaccinated. He added that he expects to begin vaccinating children under the age of 12, specifying, however, that the decision to vaccinate at that age will be made when there is sufficient reason to do so.

Earlier, on July 5, Biden declared that the country was “closer than ever to independence from a deadly virus,” but that it was not a complete victory over the infection.

The reason for the positive statement was the incomplete implementation of the large-scale vaccination plan: Biden had originally planned to have at least 70% of the adult population vaccinated against coronavirus infection by his Independence Day speech, but data from the national Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that the corresponding figure reached about 67%.