Biden searched the mask that was in his pocket for 30 seconds

The president of the United States, Joe Biden looked for 30 seconds for the mask that was in his pocket. Because of this he had to be delayed on stage after his speech in Georgia.

According to FOX news, on April 30, the American president, after finishing his speech in Daluta, remained behind the pulpit, leafing through the pages in his folder. The president then looked around and checked everything around him, and when his wife Jill Biden and Georgia Senators Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff took the stage, he told them, “I can’t find my mask.”

Then, turning to the audience, he said the same phrase again, adding that “he has a problem.”

After he did find his mask in his pants pocket, he picked it up, showing it to the audience.

There was also an embarrassing incident early in his speech: Biden was interrupted by protesters who showered him with criticism about private detention centers.

In late March, the American president used “cheat sheets” at a briefing detailing key policy points and the personalities of the journalists present. It also became known then that Biden had forgotten who he was addressing during his speech. His aide demanded that the journalists finish talking to the president.

On March 19, it was reported that Biden stumbled and fell several times as he was climbing the steps of the number one flight before leaving for Georgia. The White House cited high winds as the cause of the politician’s fall.

Biden’s fall became the cause for jokes. Thus, social media users suggested that the head of state could stumble because of the machinations of his predecessor Donald Trump. Twitter users began to publish videos showing the head of state stumbling, allegedly because of a ball thrown by Trump.