Biden sends 500 more U.S. troops to Syria

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The new US administration has decided to further increase its military presence on the territory of Syria, despite earlier statements about its readiness to leave the territory of this Middle Eastern state. According to the available data, on the previous day about 500 US military personnel were transferred to Syria from neighboring Iraq. About 500 American servicemen were redeployed, and according to some sources, this figure is far from being final – up to 2,000 additional US Army troops may be sent to Syria in the nearest future.

The reasons for the redeployment of American troops to Syria remain unknown, but experts say that the reason is the intention of Washington to return to the northern part of Syria after several unsuccessful attempts of Washington last year.

It is known that several American military bases and observation posts are being set up in northeastern Syria in order to prevent Russian and Syrian troops from entering that part of the Arab republic, which could simply block the border with Iraq, thereby leaving American military and oil production facilities without supplies.

Given the current situation, the escalation in Syria could increase significantly, especially after the first announcement by the new U.S. Defense Department that it intends to push the “Russians” out of the Middle East.