Biden suggested to legalize marijuana in the USA

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden believes that marijuana could be legalized everywhere if he were elected. He stated this on October 15 at election event in Philadelphia.

The democrat emphasized that he did not consider it right to give prison sentences to those who use drugs. In his opinion, such people should be sent for rehabilitation.

Biden also spoke in favor of increasing the number of medical facilities that will specialize in the fight against drug addiction.

“We need to decriminalize marijuana so that related cases are not listed as people and when the police apprehend a person, they can say they don’t have a criminal history,” ABC News quoted a politician as saying.

The second round of Biden and U.S. President Donald Trump’s pre-election television debates was due to take place on Thursday, but was cancelled because the latter refused to participate.

The American leader was outraged that the organizers had decided to hold the event in a virtual format because he had recently had a coronavirus.

As a result separate meetings of candidates with voters took place on October 15: Biden performed in Philadelphia, Trump – in Miami.

The last debates are expected to be held in a face-to-face format on October 22. The presidential election in the USA is planned for November 3.