Biden to address Congress for the first time on April 28

U.S. President Joe Biden has accepted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to address Congress on April 28. It was announced by the White House on April 13.

Pelosi published a letter to the U.S. leader inviting him to “share his vision for solving problems and opportunities” at a joint session of the lower and upper houses of Congress earlier Tuesday.

“The president has accepted the invitation <...> to address a joint session of Congress on April 28, the eve of his 100-day presidency,” Reuters quoted a White House official as saying.

Thus, Biden will speak for the first time in Congress as president of the United States.

As the agency notes, the U.S. leader will have the opportunity to present his $2.3 trillion infrastructure modernization plan, which is the subject of a dispute in Congress.

The project includes renewal of airports, improvement of urban transportation, construction of new roads. Biden’s initiative is expected to be financed largely by raising the corporate income tax – or, more precisely, by canceling its reduction carried out under his predecessor, Donald Trump.