Biden to answer voters’ questions on October,15

On October 15, U.S. presidential candidate from Democrats Joseph Biden will answer voters’ questions instead of participating in election debates with incumbent head of state Donald Trump. It was stated in the statement disseminated on Thursday, October 8, by representative of Biden’s election headquarters Kate Badingfield.

According to her, the presidential candidate was ready to participate in the debate virtually, but Trump refused.

“As a result, Biden will choose a suitable place to directly answer voters’ questions on October 15, as he has done several times in recent weeks,” she said in a Twitter statement.

Biden’s headquarters expects the debate with Trump to be rescheduled for October 22.

Earlier Thursday, it was reported that Trump refused to “waste time” on virtual debates with Biden. The president called such debates “ridiculous” and stated that he was not going to “sit at the computer”. Trump added that, in his opinion, he defeated Biden at the first debate and expected to win the second.