Biden urged to prepare for a new pandemic

“Will we work together to save lives, to fight COVID-19 everywhere, and to take the steps necessary to prepare for the next pandemic as it comes, or will we not be able to use all the tools at our disposal while new more infectious, dangerous variants (COVID-19 – Ed.) appear,” he stressed, speaking at the annual, 76th session of the UN General Assembly.

As the American leader noted, this choice must be made.

The 76th session of the UN General Assembly opened on Tuesday, September 14, in New York. Abdullah Shaheed, the new UNGA president, said he will focus on combating the coronavirus pandemic and inequities in access to vaccines in his post. Shahid noted that the meeting of world leaders takes place “at a time of great challenge and division, conflict and climate change, worsening poverty and inequality.

The high-level week of the session will take place from September 21 to 27. Some 110 heads of state, more than 50 heads of government and more than 20 foreign ministers will speak.