Biden was “evacuated” from Glasgow climate summit event

The U.S. Secret Service “evacuated” U.S. leader Joe Biden from an event at a climate summit in Glasgow as he prepared to announce a new plan to reduce methane emissions. This was reported by Glasgow Live on Tuesday, November 2.

According to the newspaper, the head of the White House was escorted out of the event for security reasons, as too many people had gathered in the meeting room. The summit organizers were forced to postpone the event.

It is noted that the special envoy of the US President on climate issues John Kerry temporarily replaced Biden at the negotiations in which the participating countries agreed to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030.

On the eve of the show, host Sean Hannity said on American Fox News that President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe was “a complete disaster.” He showed footage of the U.S. leader publicly dozing during a meeting on climate change and recalled the nickname that former U.S. President Donald Trump had repeatedly called Biden.

On the same day, Republican U.S. Senator Rick Scott called Biden’s actions as head of state a disaster. According to him, “in just nine months in office, pursuing a radical socialist course instead of policies that are truly in the interests of American families, he has brought the United States to a dangerously low point.” The senator explained that the nation’s GDP fell to an annualized 2% in the third quarter “amid growing inflation and supply chain crises under Biden.”

Before that, on October 31, NBC News published a poll in which 54% of Americans were against the president’s performance. Only 42% of respondents were satisfied with the work of the American leader, which is seven points less than in August. In addition, the poll data shows that seven out of 10 poll participants, nearly half of whom are Democrats, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.