Biden will agree to run for president of the United States on August 20

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Former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden will announce his agreement to become a candidate from the Democratic Party for the post of President of the USA on August 20. This is stated in the draft program on the website of the National Congress of the Democratic Party, which will be held August 17-20 in Wisconsin.

Biden’s speech is scheduled on the last day of the congress at 9 PM, East Coast Time.

“We have an inspiring program for the four days of the convention,” the document quotes Tom Perez, chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic Party. He said the party intends to do better for Americans and to unite them around common values.

On August 17, the report of the committee on the development of the party’s election platform will be presented and the list of speakers will be approved. On the second day, delegates will nominate the presidential candidate and vote on his candidacy. Currently, 77-year-old former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden remains the only candidate for the presidency, so the outcome of the vote is predetermined.

On August 19, the candidate for the post of vice president will be approved. Biden has not yet announced who he would like to see in the post, but promised to do so in the first week of August.

Biden is currently ahead of incumbent head of state Donald Trump in three states that are strategically important to the incumbent.

The U.S. presidential election is due on November 3, 2020.