Biden wins Alaska Democratic Primary

U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner of the Democratic primary in Alaska on Saturday night after a mail-in ballot because of the coronavirus pandemic. The ballots were sent in advance of his rival Bernie Sanders’ withdrawal from the Democratic nomination race last week.

Barack Obama’s former vice-president, who is the sure winner of the Democratic primary, won the Alaskan vote by a wide margin with 55.3 percent of the vote and nine of the state’s 15 delegates, the Alaska Democrats announced on Twitter. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders received 44.7% of the vote and 8 delegates. He had announced that he would remain in the remaining primaries in order to accumulate more delegates, which will allow him to “exert significant influence on the party’s program” at the Democratic convention in August.

Biden marked his victory in the Democratic primary with a statement and a few remarks broadcast online from the basement of his home, where he is confined because of the coronavirus. He called on Sanders to rejoin his campaign, now supported by almost all of his former rivals.