Biden wins the primary elections in Connecticut

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Former U.S. vice president Joe Biden, who is the most likely candidate for head of state from the Democratic Party on Tuesday, August 11, according to preliminary data, won the primaries in Connecticut.

Ballot processing is not yet complete, but according to The New York Times, the politician received about 85% of the vote in Connecticut, and Senator Bernie Sanders, who left the race on April 8, is about 11%.

The publication estimates that Biden garnered the support of 2,627 delegates. To become a presidential candidate in the first round of voting at the Congress of Democrats, a candidate needs to get the votes of 1991 delegates. Biden overcame this mark on June 5.

The National Congress of the Democratic Party of the United States, where Biden is to be named as a candidate for the highest state post, will be held August 17-20 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3. The candidate from Republicans will be the current American leader Donald Trump.

Earlier, on August 11, Biden chose Kamala Harris, a California senator, as his candidate for vice president.

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