Biden’s ex-employee accused him of sexual harassment

Ex-employee of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden accused him of sexual harassment and also said that she lost her job 30 years ago because of this. A woman named Tara Reed told The New York Times about it.

According to her, the incident occurred in 1993 in the corridor of the U.S. Senate, where Biden allegedly put his hand under her skirt and committed sexual acts. At the time, the woman was working as an assistant to the former vice president of human resources.

The publication’s journalists conducted their own investigation and interviewed anyone who might be aware of the alleged harassment. However, Reed could not recall the exact time or place of the incident, noting only that it happened in the Senate office complex.

Immediately after the incident, the woman called her mother and told her what had happened. She advised her to go to the police, but Reed complained to three members of the staff about harassment by Biden. She also stated that the officers had refused to take any action.

The woman then allegedly filed a written complaint with the Senate Human Resources Department. Reed did not have a copy of the complaint and could not find the relevant text in Human Resources.

After the incident, the woman’s work duties were reduced and the atmosphere at work deteriorated, after which Reed said she was given a month to find a new job as she was no longer suitable for her position.

The newspaper also interviewed other relatives and friends of the alleged victim. A friend of Reed’s told her that the woman told her about the harassment in 2008, and a friend and brother of Biden’s former assistant also confirmed that they had heard her make similar allegations.

However, several people interviewed by The New York Times staff who worked in the Senate with Reed stated that they did not remember anything of the kind, nor did they notice in Biden’s behavior, either towards her assistant or towards other women.

A spokeswoman for the former vice president, and now the U.S. presidential candidate, after the accusations Reid made, called them false.