Biden’s Glasgow aide contracted coronavirus

The aide who accompanied U.S. President Joe Biden to international summits in Europe has tested positive for the coronavirus. It was reported by Bloomberg agency on Friday, November 5.

The infected aide and several members of Biden’s administration stayed in Scotland after the U.S. president spoke at the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow for fear of spreading the infection. The exact number of people with health concerns is not known.

According to a White House spokesman, the infected aide to the U.S. president had no close contact with Biden. He is now in quarantine and awaiting a follow-up PCR test to verify the data. Joe Biden tested negative for COVID-19 as of Nov. 2.

The aide is on the staff of the National Security Council. Employees who have had contact with him have so far tested negative for the virus, the insider clarified.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had intended to travel with Biden to Europe, but stayed home in Washington after family members contracted the coronavirus. She announced that she herself became infected last weekend. Psaki said she had symptoms Thursday, including fatigue and chills, but had been working from home since the day she tested positive. She is fully vaccinated and recently received a booster shot.

On Sept. 27, Biden, 78, received his third, booster shot for the coronavirus infection. According to the U.S. president, he did not have any side effects after the first and second vaccinations.