Biden’s rating fell after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan

U.S. President Joe Biden’s approval rating fell to 46% after the radical Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, according to the results of a Reuters poll jointly with the company Ipsos, published August 18.

“Biden’s popularity fell when the Taliban ousted the Afghan government and entered Kabul, wiping out two decades of U.S. military presence that cost trillions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives,” the report said.

As the agency notes, this assessment of Biden’s performance was the lowest during his tenure as White House leader.

Compared to a similar poll taken last Friday, the rating of the American leader has fallen by seven percentage points – from 53% to 46%.

The situation in Afghanistan began to worsen after the United States, which has been there since 2001, began withdrawing its troops in early May and planned to complete it by the end of August.

On August 16, in response to criticism arising from the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, U.S. President Joe Biden said that he did not regret it. He stressed that there was no better time to withdraw the military contingent from Afghanistan and that withdrawal would have meant an escalation of the conflict.