Bild reported on a hacker attack from Russia on banks and infrastructure in Germany

Infrastructure and the banking system was subjected to a massive cyberattack allegedly by Russia. This was reported on Wednesday, June 30, the German edition of Bild, citing sources in the Western intelligence agencies.

It is noted that the members of the hacker group Fancy Bear were behind the attack. The newspaper sources name revenge for the sanctions policy against Russia, as well as an attempt to prevent “tough sanctions” against Belarus and its President Alexander Lukashenko, as possible reasons for the cyber attack.

In turn, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) confirmed the hacker attack.

The day before Head of the EU diplomacy Josep Borrell noted that Russia was a major player on the world stage and it was in the interest of the European Union to involve it in solving global problems. However, he also announced the preparation in “the coming weeks and months” of new sanctions against Russia.

The day before, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed that Russia was interested and ready to cooperate with EU countries, particularly on cybersecurity issues.

On June 25, European Council President Charles Michel said that the leaders of the European Union once again decided to extend economic sanctions against Russia, in force since 2014, and called on Russia to implement its part of the Minsk agreements.

On June 15, Borrell spoke about the new EU foreign policy strategy in relations with Russia. According to him, such a concept implies both containment and engagement with Russia.