Bill and Melinda Gates’ daughter commented on her parents’ divorce

The eldest daughter of the creator of the American corporation Microsoft Bill Gates, Jennifer said that her family is going through a difficult period. She announced this on her page on Instagram.

“I’m still learning how to better support actions and emotions, both my own and those of family members, during this time, and I’m grateful to have the space to do so,” she noted.

In addition, the girl announced that she would no longer comment on her parents’ divorce. In doing so, she thanked the audience for their kind words and support.

In 2019, the wife of the creator of Microsoft Corporation, Melinda, gave an interview on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of their marriage. In it, she revealed that “being with Bill is incredibly difficult,” The Sun reported.

That same year in the documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain,” the woman recalled the moment when Bill could not decide to get married.

The Gates announced their divorce on May 3 on Twitter. The post noted that they did not consider “further growth as a couple” possible.