Bill Gates named timeline for coronavirus pandemic mitigation

Death rates from the coronavirus should fall sharply by the summer of 2022. This forecast was made by Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the New Economic Forum, organized by businessman Michael Bloomberg.

“With natural immunity, vaccine immunity and new oral medications that can give a scale of immunity that antibodies have never achieved, death rates and severe disease should fall dramatically and by next summer be even slightly lower than the corresponding levels for seasonal influenza,” Gates said.

He noted that his prediction will only come true if no new strains of the coronavirus emerge.

Gates added that he came to these conclusions because of the good news about coronavirus drugs and vaccines. The Microsoft founder believes that all the difficulties associated with the shortage of drugs will be solved by 2022.

Gates also mentioned Merck’s antiviral drug, which will cost about $8.

“It would allow anyone who is at risk because of age or because they have a chronic disease to start preventive treatment immediately after they test positive,” Gates said.