Bill Gates predicted “a disaster more dangerous than the coronavirus”

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Entrepreneur Bill Gates called the effects of air pollution as devastating as coronavirus pandemics. On his blog, the billionaire predicted a climate disaster in the coming decades.

The founder of Microsoft believes that in a few decades, the global environmental crisis will shock the planet. Gates believes that mankind should expect increased mortality and economic hardship: “No matter how terrible the pandemic is, climate change could be even worse”. As a disaster prevention, the businessman suggests drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Explaining the danger of a new crisis, Gates said that if the environment deteriorates, human deaths and economic problems will haunt humanity longer than the COVID-19 pandemic. According to his estimates, within 40 years, the mortality rate from rising temperatures on the planet will compare with the mortality from coronavirus – about 14 deaths per 100,000 people. Gates believes that in the event of climate change for the worse by the end of the century mortality from climate factors will increase to 73 deaths per 100,000 people. “By 2100, the effects of climate change could be five times deadlier than Coronavirus,” the author noted.

According to the entrepreneur, humanity must learn the lessons of COVID-19 and be ready to face global climate change. Gates suggested several steps to prevent a disaster. In particular, Bill Gates believes that emissions must be controlled through science and innovation. He also believes that solutions to environmental disasters should work in developing countries.

“It will take decades to create and implement all the necessary developments in the field of clean energy,” said the billionaire, noting the limited time left for humanity to solve the problem. Unlike the coronavirus vaccine, “which we will have next year,” there is no two-year solution to climate change, Gates said.