Bill Gates responded to allegations of involvement in the coronavirus pandemic

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that the conspiracy theories according to which he was involved in the creation of the coronavirus pandemic, and his main purpose – to kill people with a vaccine is depressing. He expressed the hope that these speculations would soon fall into decline.

Gates said his charitable foundation has allocated more to the fight against COVID-19 than any other organization in the world. But in the minds of conspiracy theorists, the situation turns upside down and they believe they are being tried to kill with vaccines, he told CNN July 24.

The reason for the hypotheses is a combination of pandemic, social networking and a desire to come up with a simple explanation of what is happening and “to appoint a villain. In addition, politics also plays a role, he said.

In June, Gates, commenting on allegations that he wanted to chip people through vaccination, said the accusations are unfounded, but it is difficult to deny them because they are too “stupid and weird. At the same time, he expressed fears that such sentiments could lead to a wave of rejection of vaccinations and thus make it difficult to form collective immunity.

In late April, Gates said that industrial production of the vaccine against coronavirus and its associated COVID-19 disease could be launched in the most optimistic scenario within a year.