Billie Eilish shared her self-isolation experience

American performer Billie Eilish in video chat podcast Telekom Electronic Beats told how she lives in self-isolation mode. This was reported by the NME portal.

According to the singer, she is now at her parents’ house and is very pleased with the experience gained.

“I really like being alone. I feel like everybody is talking to their friends all day long through FaceTime. I love my friends, I want to see them, I really miss them, but at the same time I feel good. It’s okay for me to be alone – I like to be alone.”

The singer also admitted that she would be happy to leave home again after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, but in three days she would take it as a must, because “this is the way people are”.

In April, Billie Eilish and Paul McCartney will attend a concert organized by singer Lady Gaga to raise money for the UN Coronavirus Foundation.