Billions of dollars worth of gold found in Turkey

In Turkey, found a large deposit of gold, the profits of which could reach billions of dollars. Mustafa Varank, who is the head of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the country, noted that the deposits were found in the east of the country.

“Gold reserves were discovered during excavations in a mine owned by Koza Altin. Their value is estimated at about $1.2 billion. We are talking only about that part of the ore of the precious metal, which it was possible to extract. Also in the mine were found deposits of silver. Experts have estimated that there is up to 3.5 tons of silver,” Varank said.

The mine in question is near the village of Mollakara. According to Varank, the discovery of such a large deposit could attract new investment to the industry. Last year alone, the country produced about 42 tons of gold in 18 different mines.

“In 2021, we’re going to produce up to 45 tons of gold. Over the next five years, the industry should expand at least twice as much. This will not only provide the budget with new tax revenues, but also attract foreign partners,” said the official.