Biontech named the date the COVID-19 vaccine is ready for certification

The management of German company Biontech, which cooperates with American Pfizer in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus, believes that the drug will be ready for certification in December 2020. This was stated by CEO of the German company Ugur Shahin in an interview with journalists of The Wall Street Journal on Friday, July 10.

Several million doses of the vaccine may be produced before regulatory approval and over 1 billion by the end of 2021. After certification, mass production of the vaccine may start quickly in Europe, the US and other countries.

“The final phase of the vaccine trial is expected to take place in late July,” The New York Times quotes the WSJ as saying. During this phase, the effectiveness of the vaccine against coronavirus should be determined. The safety of its use has already been confirmed. About 30,000 people should take part in the trials.

If the company receives marketing approval for this vaccine, by the end of 2020 companies will produce up to 100 million doses, and by the end of 2021 – another 1.2 billion doses in Germany and the United States, the agency reported Reuters on July 1.

In late April, the Paul Ehrlich Institute for Vaccine and Biomedical Preparations in Germany reported that the German company had received approval for the first clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine. Scientific consultations were held with the BioNTech drug developer for four days.