Blasts at Kabul airport kill 12 American service members

Twelve US service members have been killed in an attack near Kabul airport and 15 others have been wounded. It was reported on Thursday, August 26, by General Frank Mckenzie, the head of the United States Central Command.

According to the TV channel Sky News, he confirmed the information about the death of 12 American servicemen and the wounding of 15 others.

Mackenzie added that a number of Afghan civilians have also been killed and wounded, but the United States is still working to calculate the total number of casualties from the explosion.

The first blast in the Afghan capital on Aug. 26 occurred at the entrance to the airport, and the second outside the Baron Hotel, just outside the airport. The media reported that an ISIS suicide bomber was involved in the first explosion. The second explosion, according to Sky News, was caused by a car bombing.

As a result of the explosions, according to preliminary data, about 40 people were killed. About 120 people were injured.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan urged American citizens because of security threats outside the Kabul airport gate to refrain from traveling to the air hub and avoid exits from the airport, and those at the east or north gate, as well as the Abbey Gate, should leave immediately.

Earlier Thursday, British Deputy Defense Secretary James Hippy warned that there could be a terrorist attack at the airport in the Afghan capital in the coming hours.