Blinken shared the outlook for the Biden-Putin summit

A dialogue between the U.S. and Russian presidents is possible on a number of issues, including strategic stability. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken when commenting on the prospects of a U.S.-Russia summit on CNN on April 27.

Blinken emphasized that in order for this to happen, the Russian authorities must refrain from “escalation.

“If he [Russian President Vladimir Putin] decides not to escalate, I think we can work together on issues of common interest, such as strategic stability. We’ve extended START-3, we can do more in that area,” Blinken noted.

According to him, an open dialogue between Washington and Moscow would have a positive impact on bilateral relations.

The secretary of state made it clear that he does not know whether Putin has formally accepted Joe Biden’s invitation to the summit, but that discussions are currently underway.

Earlier on Tuesday, Biden refused to answer a question about whether he would impose conditions for a meeting with Putin.

On April 25, Yury Ushakov, an aide to the Russian leader, said that a meeting between the Russian president and the U.S. leader could take place in June; there are even possible dates.

On April 13, Putin and Biden had a phone conversation at the initiative of the American side. The head of the White House said he was committed to building stable and predictable relations with Russia, consistent with U.S. interests, and invited Putin to hold a meeting to discuss all issues at the highest level.

According to Biden, he came up with the idea of holding a summit in summer in one of the European countries.