Blogger Jake Paul promises to beat up Daniel Cormier like Stipe Miocic

Three days after his resounding victory over Ben Askren, popular American video blogger Jake Paul announced his readiness to teach former UFC bantamweight champion Daniel Cormier a boxing lesson.

“Daniel Cormier was saying, ‘my homeboy Ben, he’s gonna beat Jake Paul, he pushed him in the face, so he’s got the win in his pocket, blah blah blah,'” Jake Paul said on another edition of his brother, Logan Paul’s podcast. “I knocked Ben out, and he was like, ‘Ben, are you serious, bro, going down like that?! Are you kidding me?! I can’t believe you did that to the mma community.’ Shut your mouth, you goddamn c****! I’m gonna kick your fat ass just like my countryman Stipe did! I’m gonna beat the crap out of Daniel Cormier.”

Note that Daniel Cormier had previously expressed his displeasure with the fact that Jake Paul and his team had spoken disrespectfully to Tyron Woodley, who had walked into their locker room before his fight with Ben Askren. Paul had already suggested at the time that Cormier should settle things in the ring, but the heavyweight expressed no interest in this confrontation, suggesting the blogger should fight Woodley or another former UFC champion, Luke Rockhold.

“This guy won’t fight me because I’ll kill him,” Cormier told ESPN. “I’m not going to fight some YouTube kid just because he challenged me. What did he do to deserve a fight with me? So no, that would be stupid on my part. But I’d like to see him fight Tyrone. I’d like to see him fight a real puncher, not a bloated Ben Askren.”

“Let him fight a middleweight, like Luke Rockhold. Let him prove himself in a fight with him, and then I’ll admit he’s a real fighter. Because right now he’s just pretending to be one.”

Recall that last weekend Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren in the first round at Triller Fight Club in Atlanta, selling for about 1.5 million pay-per-views.