Bloomberg Live Streaming

Bloomberg L.P. — one of two leading suppliers of financial information for professional participants of the financial markets.
The main product — Bloomberg Terminal through which it is possible to get access to the current and historical prices practically at all world exchanges and many off-exchange markets, a news feed of the Bloomberg agency and other leading mass media, electronic trading system bonds and other securities.
Besides Bloomberg Terminal, an important product is the family of specialized television channels BloombergTV (on the certain canal for all main markets), the magazines Bloomberg Markets, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the websites and, mobile devices applications and radio BloombergRadio.
The Bloomberg company has been founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. Is the private company: Michael Bloomberg has redeemed in July, 2008 20% of the company from Merrill Lynch, and now the founder possesses 88% of stocks.
Now the main office is in the building of Bloomberg Tower in New York.

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