Bolivia is plunged into the chaos of civil war.

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After the resignation of the incumbent president and his flight to Mexico, the police lost control of the situation.

Evo Morales announced his resignationFormer Bolivian President Evo Morales left the country after his voluntary resignation. He went to Mexico, which granted him political asylum to “save his life.” After announcing Morales’ victory in the first round of the October 20 presidential election, the Organization of American States reported irregularities in the vote count and advised a second round. Mass protests, which began during the counting of votes, turned into street riots with arson of regional offices of election committees and an attack on the president’s house. Morales claimed an attempted coup by right-wing forces backed by foreign-backed forces.

Evo Morales announced his resignation at a press conference in El Alto on November 10.

This followed a call by Bolivian military officials to leave the presidency to stabilize the country. After Morales resigned and all representatives of the top leadership of the country. Opposition representative Jeanine Agnes, the second vice-speaker of the Senate, announced the transition of the supreme power to it and the appointment of new presidential elections.

After Morales’ resignation, the situation on the streets of Bolivian cities got out of control of the police, she had to ask for help from the military. On Monday, armed Morales supporters took to the streets and marched from El Alto to nearby La Paz, smashing a local police station along the way shouting “Now the civil war!” The parliament, where the meeting was held with the participation of Jeanine Agnes, who took over the reins of the country, had to be evacuated.

The situation in La Paz and El Alto, where Morales supporters clashed with the opposition and attacked the police, was particularly aggravated.

Residents of both cities in panic closed their homes and watched what was happening on TV. All shops, banks, markets are closed.

Buses burned during the protest after morales’ resignation was announced.

The parliamentarians, who were going to elect the interim head of state on November 12, suspended their work and dispersed.

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