Bolton stated Trump’s inability to engage in dialogue with Putin on equal terms

US President Donald Trump is not prepared enough to negotiate on equal terms with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed by Trump’s former national security advisor John Bolton in an interview with WPTV, a piece of which was released on July 20.

Bolton noted that Trump is inferior to Putin in his ability to think strategically and in his knowledge, which will make their negotiations “unfair.

“If you put someone like him (Putin – Ed.) at the table on the one hand and Donald Trump on the other, who is relatively ignorant, has little knowledge of history and has no clear idea how he wants to talk, it would not be a fair fight,” Bolton said.

John Bolton’s book about the White House was published in June. In it, he said he didn’t want to leave Putin and Trump alone during their meeting in Helsinki. According to him, unlike the American president, the Russian leader is familiar with all details of political and economic issues and clearly defends the interests of his country.

On June 30, the media reported that Donald Trump insulted his foreign colleagues during secret telephone conversations. For example, he called German Chancellor Angela Merkel stupid.