Boris Johnson called the inoculation opponents crazy

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking at the general political debate of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly (GA) on September 26, called the supporters of the antiprivileged movement crazy.

“Even as we strive so hard to get the vaccine, we must never deviate from the rules, reduce clinical trials or sacrifice safety to get results faster. It would be a terrible tragedy if we played into the hands of madmen out of zeal – anti-vaccinationists, dangerous individuals obsessed with obsessions who oppose the vaccine principle itself and could endanger millions of lives,” he said.

Johnson emphasized that global health depends on a safe and effective vaccine available to all, wherever in the world it is created.

“It would be pointless to consider the issue of vaccine development in terms of narrow national interests and it would be immoral to seek an advantage on this field by playing unfair,” the prime minister said.

The head of the British Cabinet reminded that one of the potential vaccines against COVID-19, created by the University of Oxford, is now in the third phase of clinical trials. Johnson drew attention to the fact that Britain will strive to ensure equal access to its vaccine for all countries, if it is effective.