Boris Johnson got the coronavirus

The 55-year-old British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was diagnosed with coronavirus. He said this on Friday, March 27, on his Twitter page.

“In the last 24 hours I have felt moderate symptoms, the test for coronavirus was positive. I’m on self-isolation now, but I’ll continue to work on video. Together we will defeat the virus,” he said.

Earlier, on March 23, Johnson announced a three-week quarantine in the country due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Prime Minister said that it’s time to do more to combat the spread of the virus, and urged British citizens to stay home.

At the same time, on March 24, The Mirror journalists wrote that most of the British ignored the recommendations of the authorities and did not comply with the quarantine. The subway and buses are clogged during rush hour. People are standing tightly together despite the government’s advice not to come within two meters.

Prior to that, on March 18, Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, said he was not going to comply with the recommendations to prevent illness. Thus, a trip to the pub Johnson-Senior called necessary, as the owners of the institution must be saved from ruin.

According to Worldometer on March 27, 11,658 people were infected in Britain, 578 died. In total, more than 532 thousand cases were registered in the world, 24 thousand people died, more than 124 thousand patients were cured.