Boris Johnson threatened the EU with suspending part of the Brexit agreement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that London may suspend part of the Brexit agreement if the European Union and London do not resolve the dispute over the rules of trade of goods supplied to Northern Ireland. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The prime minister said on the sidelines of the G7 summit that if an agreement is not reached, Britain will take action unilaterally.

I think that if the protocol on Northern Ireland continues to be applied in this way, we will obviously not hesitate to apply Article 16,” Johnson stressed.

Under Article 16 of the EU withdrawal agreement, either party can intervene and suspend part of the deal if the application of the protocol creates “serious economic, social or environmental difficulties.”

According to Johnson, a number of partners misunderstand that Britain is one country and territory.

I just need to get it into their heads,” he said.

According to Bloomberg, the head of the British Cabinet held several tense meetings with representatives of the EU, after which the Union threatened to retaliate if the terms of the agreement were violated.

Northern Ireland left the EU as part of the UK, remaining part of the customs territory of the EU. Previously, British suppliers did not have to obtain customs and phytosanitary certificates to deliver goods to the Northern Irish port of Ulster. In March this regime was extended for goods of animal origin, but the extension will expire on June 30.

Earlier it was reported that the European Union will introduce sanctions against the UK if London violates the trade agreement after Brexit. The French Foreign Ministry said that restrictive measures will be applied if Britain fails to comply with its obligations on Northern Ireland and fisheries rights.