Brazil court accuses Bolsonaro of spreading fakes

A court in Brazil initiated an investigation against President Jair Bolsonaro, following his statements about the vulnerability of the voting system in the country. This was reported on Wednesday, August 4, by the press service of Brazil’s highest court.

The ruling for the trial was issued by Justice Alessandri de Morais of the Supreme Federal Court of the Republic (STF). He is overseeing an investigation into fake news that involved the president and several dozen of his close supporters.

“Through false statements repeatedly broadcast on social media, <...> a discourse about the illegitimacy of democratic institutions is formed, provoking groups of [the president’s] supporters to attack individuals representing those institutions in order to overthrow them and replace them with others who share the political views of the president’s supporters,” the court ruling reads.

According to the court, the president’s actions could be considered a violation of certain articles of the criminal code and the State Security Law.

Bolsonaro supporters demonstrated in several cities over the weekend demanding reforms to the voting system. The Head of State delivered a video message of support and encouragement to the protesters.

On July 28, Bolsonaro spoke on state television about his suspicions about the integrity of the 2018 presidential elections. He was convinced that he had already won in the first round of the election, but that the results had allegedly been falsified. During the broadcast, he also showed a number of viral videos that referred to the alleged vulnerability of the current system. In turn, the country’s Central Election Commission (CEC) denied this.