Brazil on the brink of a water and light shortage

The country’s Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, urged the people of Brazil to save water and electricity amid a severe drought on Monday, June 28.

The head of the ministry said that the authorities are working on a program on how to shift the schedule of electricity consumption from peak hours to intervals with less demand without damaging production and the Brazilian economy.

“However, in order to increase the country’s energy security, it is extremely important that not only industry, commerce and the service sector, but also the entire society, every consumer contributes,” Albuquerque was quoted as saying

At the moment, the water level of hydroelectric power plants in the southeastern, central and western regions of Brazil is the lowest in 91 years. According to experts, in September and October, the country may well face forced restrictions on power supply to consumers.

On May 10, authorities in the U.S. state of California issued a “drought emergency” warning due to severe water shortages in the northern and central parts of the state.

According to local authorities, high temperatures forced people to use more water than in other dry years, resulting in extremely low levels in reservoirs for the needs of farmers, animals and fish, the publication noted.

In addition, the hot weather has led to rapid melting of the Sierra Nevada mountain range snow cover on the waterways that feed the Sacramento River, which provides water to much of the state in the summer.

It is noted that an unusually dry spring could trigger a new wildfire season, as it did last year.