Brazilian police apprehend Italian mafioso

Brazilian police managed to apprehend two fugitive Italians on Monday, one of whom, Rocco Morabito, escaped from a Uruguayan prison in 2019. This was reported on May 24 by la Diaria Justicia.

The case was investigated jointly by Brazil and Italy. Morabito was detained in Juan Pesoa, ParaĆ­ba. At the time of his arrest he was in the company of another Italian fugitive, whose arrest for extradition to a European country will also be requested in the country’s supreme court.

Morabito was one of the main targets of Italian justice for his involvement in the criminal organization ndrangheta, which controls cocaine trafficking in Europe. He was wanted on charges of trafficking drugs on a large scale.

For several years Morabito lived in Uruguay on a fake Brazilian passport. Morabito was arrested for extradition to Italy in 2017, but escaped from a prison in downtown Montevideo on June 23, 2019, along with three other inmates.

In late February, it was reported that the wife of the previously convicted drug lord Shorty was detained near Washington, D.C. – she is accused of being involved in smuggling drugs into the United States and organizing her husband’s two jailbreaks – one of which ended successfully.