Brazilian unions filed a lawsuit against the President in a criminal court in The Hague

Brazilian trade unions have filed a lawsuit against President Jair Bolsonaru with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. They accuse the head of state of human rights violations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Estado de São Paulo reported on Monday, July 27.

Authorities have failed to implement measures to protect the population from the spread of the infection, thus deliberately endangering the lives of fellow citizens, including medical professionals, according to the statement of claim. Such a position runs counter to the instructions of the World Health Organization, the document authors believe.

Over 150 bishops criticized the incompetence of the Brazilian authorities.

Meanwhile, more than a hundred representatives of the Catholic Church in Brazil also denounced the authorities’ anti-coronavirus policy. The actions of the president and government to combat the spread of the infection are incompetent, said in a letter signed by 152 bishops. According to them, Brazil is experiencing one of the worst moments in its history due to the pandemic and the economic crisis it has caused, while inequality, injustice and a propensity for violence are already present in society. Such a situation does not allow for indifference, the authors are sure.

SARS-CoV-2 virus has been detected in more than 16 million inhabitants of the planet, and about 650,000 people died from the effects of COVID-19. In Brazil, the infection was detected in 2.4 million people. Over 87,000 patients have died. Brazil is second only to the USA on both counts. The country has changed several ministers of health during the pandemic.

Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly denied the disease’s seriousness and called COVID-19 “a mild flu”. He was later diagnosed with the infection as well.