Brickit scans Lego parts and shows you what you can build

In 2019, the Brickit app appeared in the AppStore, which made it easier to assemble figures from Lego parts. In it, the user could enter information about the available sets to get a list of what can be assembled from them. Later, the service received a major update that allowed to noticeably speed up this process – now Brickit itself scans your pieces through the smartphone’s camera. Here’s how it works.

You just need to place all the available parts in front of your smartphone – in one layer, so that they are all in view. After scanning, Brickit will show you possible models, assembly instructions and even the places where the right “bricks” lie.

Since the launch of the scanning feature, the app has been constantly improved and refined, and just recently it managed to break into the top of the App Store. There are still bugs in its work, but even so, Brickit has managed to gain popularity among Lego fans.