Britain faces a labor shortage

Britain is facing an acute shortage of labor after foreign workers left the country because of the pandemic. This was reported by The Guardian.

According to the newspaper, such a shortage of staff in the country was not recorded since 1997. The greatest shortage is felt in the transport and logistics industries, hospitality, manufacturing and construction. In addition to the shortage of staff, employers have difficulty finding financial professionals, programmers, accountants and engineers.

The results of the British Chamber of Commerce survey shows that 52% of companies have not been able to find employees over the past three months. This situation could lead to higher wages for workers and higher inflation.

According to official reports, about a million and a half employees cannot return to the U.K. because the lifting of restrictions has been postponed from June 21 to July 19.

“The growing skills gap in the workforce could slow the recovery of the British economy,” Claire Warnes, head of education and productivity at KPMG UK, was convinced.

Meanwhile, it was reported in March that British authorities would extend a jobs support scheme amid the crisis caused by the coronavirus until the end of September. The program, under which the government pays up to 80% of the average wage, but not more than £ 2,500 for each employee who is temporarily out of work because of the pandemic, has been in place since March last year.