British Ambassador to the UN may become MI6 Ambassador or Ambassador to the US

Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN Karen Pierce is applying for the post of Head of the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 or the post of Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the United States. The Times wrote about this on Monday, December 30.

It is noted that Pierce now has the support of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. If she is appointed as head of MI6 or as Ambassador, Karen Pierce will be the first woman to receive one of these positions.

Among other candidates for the post, the publication names the head of the Interior Ministry’s security service Tom Herd, deputy national security advisor Madeleine Alessandri and political director of the Foreign Office Richard Moore.

In July this year, Ambassador Kim Darrock left the post of British Ambassador to the United States. The reason for this was his diplomatic cables to London, where Darrok called United States President Donald Trump incompetent and incompetent. The American leader, in turn, called the ambassador crazy and added that no one in the U.S. “is delighted” with him.

During her career, Karen Pierce served as secretary to the British Ambassador in Washington, D.C., and as the country’s ambassador to Afghanistan as well as to Tokyo, Geneva and the Balkans.