British archaeologists found a fingerprint that is 5000 years old

During archaeological excavations in Scotland, experts were lucky enough to find a piece of pottery that had once been carelessly handled. Because of this, it left the imprint of the person who made the clay vessel. Information about the unusual find has been made public by the BBC.

The unique crock was found by archaeologist Roy Towers during excavations on the territory of the settlement of ancient people on the Orkney Islands. The print was left on the wet clay before the firing of dishes. Consequently, it could only belong to an ancient potter. According to preliminary estimates based on radiocarbon analysis, the clay shard is at least five thousand years old.

To be sure they were able to find just a fingerprint, experts photographed the find in macro mode from different angles. Then all the photos were loaded into a special program, which created a highly detailed three-dimensional model of the fingerprint, which can be viewed on the monitor at different angles.

Thanks to this processing, the scientists were assured that they had indeed discovered the admirable mistake of a potter leaving his mark on the clay. Now the experts plan to use this data to learn a little more about the master, for example, to clarify his gender and age.