British authorities propose to imprison those who conceal visits to COVID-19 blacklisted countries

It was proposed in Britain to punish citizens with imprisonment for trying to conceal a visit to blacklisted countries for the coronavirus. A proposal to that effect came from the country’s Ministry of Health on Tuesday, February 9.

“We are increasing the penalties for non-compliance. Those who deliberately try to conceal that they have been to blacklisted countries in the last 10 days will face up to 10 years in prison. The relevant bill will soon be written into law,” said Matt Hancock, head of the agency.

He reminded that the countries of South America, South Africa and Portugal, with which the border is closed, are among such states. Only citizens of the country and people with residence permits will be able to get on British territory, Reuters specifies.

In addition, citizens will be required to observe a 10-day quarantine upon arrival, they will be isolated in special hotels with guards. The cost of detention will be £1,750. For this money people will be provided with a transfer to the hotel, accommodation and PCR tests.

Ignoring the quarantine will result in a fine of £10 thousand.

Earlier in February, it became known that all those entering the UK will be tested twice for coronavirus during the mandatory quarantine. All those wishing to come to the kingdom will now face triple testing: the first test 72 hours before travel, two more after arrival.