British doctor reveals way to solve sleep problems

British doctor Karan Raj revealed in his TikTok about a method to help solve sleep problems.

According to the doctor, it is the “10-3-2-1” method. Raj explained that 10 hours before going to sleep, you should refrain from drinking drinks that contain caffeine. This is the amount of time the body needs to eliminate caffeine and its stimulating effects.

In addition, three hours before going to sleep, you should refrain from eating substantial meals. This will help to avoid heartburn and waking up at night.

It is also better to refrain from drinking alcohol several hours before going to sleep, because its effect interferes with the rapid phase of sleep, writes NNS. It is also worth to stop working two hours before going to sleep, it will help to relax.

In addition, Raj urged to abandon the use of gadgets an hour before going to bed, because the blue color of displays interferes with the production of melatonin, which controls the sleep-wake cycle.

On August 5, it was reported that American nutritionist Samantha Cassetti revealed that walnuts are a product that helps improve sleep quality. According to Cassetti, it is necessary to eat from 7 to 14 walnuts a day. The nutritionist also encouraged replacing walnuts with a few less healthy snacks.