British F-35 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea

British Air Force fighter F-35 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. This was reported on November 17 on the page of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom on Twitter.

According to the ministry, the aircraft crashed while performing a routine flight from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. Fortunately, the pilot managed to eject.

“This morning, the pilot of a British F-35 ejected during a routine flight over the Mediterranean Sea and safely returned aboard the aircraft carrier. Due to the investigation launched into the matter, it is not appropriate to report further details of what happened,” the statement reads.

Earlier, on October 2, it became known that the United States will begin the deployment of a squadron of 27 F-35A fifth generation fighters at Lakenheath air base in Britain next winter. It was noted that the squadron, dubbed “Valkyrie”, would be the first U.S. Air Force F-35A squadron in Europe or anywhere else outside the United States.

In early June, Business Insider called the F-35 the worst type of U.S. weapons. The reason was the numerous technical and production flaws of the plane, problems with reliability and its enormous cost.

Previously, in mid-March, former Chief of Staff of the British Armed Forces, General Richard Dannat predicted ruin for the UK Ministry of Defense because of the high costs of operating American stealth fighters of the fifth generation F-35B. According to him, their cost is so high that even the U.S. Air Force is beginning to look for a cheaper combat aircraft. Thus, the military specified that one such fighter costs £80 million (8.2 billion rubles), and an hour of its operation will cost London in £90,000 (9.2 million rubles).

In June 2019, it became known that the American fifth-generation F-35 fighters have a number of significant shortcomings, due to which the planes risk failure in combat missions. We are talking about the F-35B and F-35C models designed for the Navy and Marines.